• Darrell Pons

    Anyone that runs an outboard marine motor, needs to use Lucas Fuel Treatment, Carbon is the worse thing to have on your piston and rings. I have blown a couple outboards in the past, only to hear the tech, say it was a carbon problem. I started using Lucas Fuel treatment ( Upper Cylinder Lube ) a few years ago, I look in my engine now and It looks like new. My compression is 135 lbs on each cylinder, I can’t afford not to use Lucas fuel treatment. 10:00 dollars will treat 100 gal’s of fuel, my outboard is 18,000 dollars to replace !! Thanks Lucas !!!

  • T. Saroch

    I’m 75,and have used Lucas for many years in everything I own-gas or diesel. New diesel m/h, E class Mercedes, Ford superduty, new Jeep Rubicon, Harley’s,, and assorted “ rice burners”, both cars and bikes. The stuff does exactly what it says-period. Is it a miracle fix for wore out crap? No. It will not fix broken electrical stuff or other major engine parts. But it will lube & clean everything it contacts. It will improve mpg. ecpecially if you use poor fuel with lots of ethonal or poor diesel. Simply said, the company is honest, & the product does its job as advertised. It’s American made, it works, it’s cost effective, what else is there to say. Thanks Lucas, and God Bless America.

  • Tommy

    I’m running a double shot of Lucas Fuel Additive in my tank each time fill up any advice on the matter

  • Ken Harrison

    Lucas fuel additive is the best I have a 6.4 Hemi and I put it in Every tank. I can feel the difference with a friends 6.4 so it is working. Love it.

  • David Warnick

    As my wife and I are about to purchase a Skoolie conversion RV with a diesel engine, I want to be sure to use the correct additives and avoid any undue wear & tear, esp. on the fuel pump. Federal and State laws prohibit the use of hi-sulfur diesel fuel. Low-sulfur has a tendency to rob the fuel pump, valve train & other parts of lubricating properties. I am looking for re-assurance that your fuel additive is the correct product for our future vehicloe. As we do not yet have posession of said vehicle, I am unable to tell you the engine mak, model or size at this time. So a general answer on your part should suffice.

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