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Lucas Oil to Sponsor Veteran MX


Lucas Oil to Sponsor Veteran Motocross Foundation

Corona, CA (May 3, 2017) – Lucas Oil signs on as sponsor and official oil provider of Veteran Motocross Foundation, or VetMX, a foundation committed to the recovery and assimilation of service men and women through motocross training.

This year Lucas Oil will fulfill the oil needs for VetMX bikes. Founders Dustin and Cody Blankenship, both military veterans themselves, use Lucas Oil to provide veterans with basic understanding of bike maintenance.

Vet MX clinic

(photo The Roanoke Times)

“Our mission statement at The Veteran MX Foundation is ‘That Others May Ride,’” said Dustin Blankenship. “The great folks at Lucas Oil have been instrumental in the advancement of that mission. They’ve given us a platform to share our message, and provided us with hands down the best products on the market.”

On May 7th Lucas Oil presents the Veteran MX Foundation Awareness Ride in Las Vegas, NV. The event features a live auction, prizes, ride day, and fun for the whole family. Proceeds go towards supplying veterans with the equipment and training necessary to engage in the sport of motocross.

Jason Witt, head of athlete support for the Lucas Legion, said, “We got to meet Dustin and Cody through the VetMX fundraiser last year at the Budds Creek Pro Motocross National. Their passion is contagious. They love the work they’re doing. They love the sport of motocross. They’re building a community of veterans who have made great sacrifices for our country and connecting them through moto. We’re just honored to be a small part of it.”

Through their amateur activation partner, My Lucas Oil, Lucas Oil will award $10 per event entry to all VetMX participants throughout the 2017 season. They will also award $50 “Warrior Awards” throughout the year, providing special recognition to veterans who achieve milestones and overcome adversity as they engage in “throttle therapy.” Dustin Blankenship said, “There are a lot of individuals who would desperately appreciate access to throttle therapy, but for any number of reasons, from living off a military stipend due to service-connected injuries or transitioning between service-life to civilian-life, that desire seems unattainable. The backing that Lucas Oil has provided is so critical. Not only are they fully invested in the creation of our new class, The Warrior Class, but they are fully invested in making throttle therapy more obtainable for all veterans and active duty. Sincerely, we at the Veteran MX Foundation could not be more thankful for their support.”

For more information on VetMX, including how to join or support the foundation, visit www.veteranmx.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

About Veteran MX

A joint lifestyle enrichment and recovery solution, VetMX empowers veterans struggling with the physical and mental scars of service by providing an unexpected opportunity to succeed in new ways. While tapping into the thrill seeking personality that makes our service men and women so brave in combat, VetMX instructors leverage the process of teaching a new skill to arm vets with the physical and mental discipline and prowess required to effectively heal, recover, and re-assimilate.

About My Lucas Oil

My Lucas Oil is an online distributor of Lucas Oil Products. Founded in 2010 by Jason Witt, My Lucas Oil supports the athletes through their amateur support and affiliates programs, and by sponsoring amateur racing events across the country.

About Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil is the leading manufacturer of petroleum additives and oils for high performance engines. Founded by trucker Forrest Lucas and his wife Charlotte in 1989, today Lucas Oil sponsors a variety of motorsports racing events. Founder of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, and the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, they are also the title sponsor of the AMA Pro Motocross Series.


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