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I have used the Lucas Oil additives for both my transmission and power steering pump in my race car to help stop leaks, and it worked! Great Products.

Brent Wofford  Posted 10/12/2013

MyLucasOil.com gives me access to all the Lucas Oil Products I need at an unbeatable price. Great site guys! Thanks so much.

Kristi Clark Encinitas, CA.

Used the 2 cycle premix all season for 2013 and it is the real deal, pulled apart the power valves on all my bikes and there is no issues at all. Great Premix oil! Also, the chain lube is 2nd to none!

Lee Orme Posted 10/18/2013

The Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment brought my RX8 back to life. Now I use it everytime I fill up to make sure my baby is running her best. Thanks MyLucasOil.com

Paul Bulkley Vista, CA.

Use Lucas Oil Full Synthetic in my asphalt Modified and love it!

Richard Lewis  Posted 10/18/2013

I had a great experience with MyLucasOil.com. The website is easy to navigate and the product was here in no time. I will use MyLucasOil.com for all my Lucas Oil Product needs.

Tom Hattori Las Vegas, NV.

I use the heavy duty oil stabilizer in my racecar, the truck that hauls it and every other vehicle I own. I also swear by the fuel injection cleaner, power steering additive and the transmission additive. I use your grease and I enjoy showing off your logo on my racecar and with your hats and shirts.

Travis Tedrow Posted 10/20/2013

We just ran three races in our Modlite using Lucas Synthetic Motorcycle 10w30 and decided it was time for an oil change. Upon draining the three race old oil, it looked as if it were new. We cut the oil filter apart to inspect it, and we found no signs of wear. That’s exactly how you want your oil to perform. We also changed gears in our quick change rear-end, and our Lucas 75w90 synthetic gear oil looked great.

Chuck Kuehl  Posted 9/13/2013

I used Lucas 20-50 synthetic racing oil in our dwarf car for the last 7 years, and will continue to use going into the new class of IMCA Sport Mods.